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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  June 9, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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. right now, bernie sanders is at the white house talking to president obama who is calling for party unity. good afternoon. thank you for joining us. the two
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sanders fits in now that hillary clinton has locked up the democratic nomination for president. we are at the white house where sanders is meeting with the president. >> bernie sanders arrived in washington for a meeting with president obama at the white house. the two are expected to talk about how to move forward on the issues sanders has fought for throughout his campaign. president obama praised sanders during an appearance on jimmy jimmy fallon show wednesday night. >> i thought bernie sanders brought new ideas, pushed the party and challenged them. >> president obama has told sanders he will endorse clinton soon and he's likely pushing the vermont senator to ignite the clinton party to take on donald trump in the general election. clinton told one of her immediate goals is expand basic
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to sanders' supporters, many others across our country including independents and republicans. >> some will vote for trump or won't vote at all. >> trump had a meeting to talk about a fundraising plan. through the end of april, clinton outraised trump by $150 million. jump -- trump says he doesn't need to raise as much money because he gets free tv time in media >> senator sanders is still campaigning for now. he has a rally in d.c. tonight. democrats in the district go to polls attitude and the last to vote -- polls tuesday and the last to vote in the nominating process. for alerts throughout the presidential race, download our free wusa9 app a heartbreaking reality for students in
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classes are back in session for the first time since three schoolmates were killed in a crash tuesday night along snowden farm parkway in damascus the school was closed yesterday for graduation. we are back there today where students are trying to get through this with the help of grief counselors. >> reporter: not an easy day for anyone to head back to class after the loss of three classmates. grief counselors are on hand to help them get through this. >> a junior at clarksburg high school is still numb from shock and sadness over the deaths of the three students. >> i guess it doesn't feel real. i still feel i'm going to walk in and see him running down the halls. >> she knew the guys well. she and patrick were in theame english class. she says the guys were laughing and full of energy, memories she'll hold onto forever. >> they
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>> they were all student athletes who loved playing football. they had bright futures ahead of them. they're lyes ended tuesday night on a dark -- their lives ended tuesday night when jacob lost control and the truck hit a tree. they were heading home for a gathering for graduates at the high school. speed is likely a factor. this isn't the first time the school students faced heart break. another student was struck near the tracks. haley knew him well too. >> i saw him at the football game right before he passed. i didn't know until the day i got to school what had happened. >> four lives gone too soon. wusa 9. >> when classes started at clarksburg high today, the message we'll get through this together was heard over the speakers. the school held a m
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silence for teens. prince george's county police are investigating a homicide this afternoon. they were conducting a welfare check and found a man dead inside a home north of ava drive in marlboro. police search for a motive and suspect. >> police have been on the scene since 12:40 this morning and tell me their work isn't done. investigators brought a dog out of the home where police say someone killed a man overnight. officers were called to the scene for a welfare check. when they arrived, they found a man with trauma to his upper body outside. they pronounced him dead at the house. >> it's really very shocking. it's scary. wow. >> police don't believe this is a random crime. they don't have a possible motive or suspect yet. neighbors say police have been to this house before. they're shocked to know someone was kill add cross the street. -- killed across
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there have been people walking in front of the house taking children to a school bus stop two homes from where this incident happened. none of them wanted to go on camera. and the hunt continues at this hour for the gunman that shot four people in northwest d.c. this was the scene wednesday evening near new york avenue. investigators suspect one of the victims was the intended target. he survived and in stable condition. the three bystanders who were shot are going to be okay as well. a baltimore police officer who drove the van transporting freddie gray goes on trial today. he's one of six officers charged in the young man's death. grayest neck was broken in the -- gray's neck was broken in the van last year while being transported the judge will decide his fate rather than a jury.
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. you know, just doesn't get much better than this any time of year, let alone june highs 70s and 80s, dry air. satellite radar, not much to show you. clouds may drift in later on. lather on the suneb screen toda. going to need it. mid 70s here. 60s north of interstate 80. new york 65, atlantic city 59. water temperatures low to mid-60s this weekend n. germantown 74. centerville 77. on the bay, low to mid 70s. this is a glorious stretch of weather. enjoy it. thing this is time of year are going to change. heat is coming back. this afternoon, 80 for a high. 6:00 p.m., 77. i hope you have the wusa 9 app with you to track weather when
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stormings later saturday may be on the strong side. i'll have more of your weekend forecast coming up in minutes. >> thanks howard. a man with a knife grabbed a woman and threatened to kill her. find out what happened when the suspect came face to face with police. this is a live look inside louisville freedom hall where thousands are paying respects
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. we're getting first numbers in the northern part of virginia where trains are single tracking continuously between the church and stations. riders took to that orange and silver line down 27% this week. people find it slow going on metro. more
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slowdowns wherever possible. you can check for traffic problems any time. the drone is about four feet tall. small people may have to forget it. it can carry 220-pounds and hit top speed of just over 60 miles per
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. at this hour, a private muslim prayer service has begun for muhammad ali. you're looking live where it's taking place. 15,000 freeic
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out for the public celebration of life service. people lined up for blocks to get those tickets. some have no plans of attending tomorrow. the tickets are sold online and to the dismay of muhammad ali's family. he wanted those tickets to be free, a spokesman said. bruce johnson is in louisville. it's his hometown. he found a man that witnessed the beginning of ali's boxing career. >> you started boxing with ali when you were how old? >> 10. >> how old was he? >> 12. >> how good was he then? >> we didn't all know too much about boxing. they paid us $5.00 to fight three rounds. >> you got in the ring with guys that were much bigger. how did you do? how did ali do? >> we all didn't want to the get hit. we learned how to get out of the way
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>> that's how he started the move. what do you make of all this going on? you knew ali, loved him, respected, knew what he did and what he had become. what do you make of this outpouring? why are you here at the memorial? >> i'm here -- i started not to come. it's very sentimental knowing everything he went through and everything we went through during that time in the 60s. we couldn't go sit at the counter. even coming back from arkansas with all my medals and united states army, couldn't get my job back in arkansas. >> arkansas and louisville. >> a lot of stuff was going on in the 60s. big changes with all my united states army and everything, serving in vietnam. there still wasn't praise for us. >> right now, how are things i
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i wouldn't want to live anywhere else but louisville. >> bruce's recourse will continue today on wusa and tomorrow when the public bid miss farewell to the icon. how did ali impact your life? we want to hear from you. we'll share your comments on a later broadcast. for his speed on the olympic track and skills as the tail gunner with the tuskegee airmen, he earned the name. he was buried with honors at the national cemetery. he was with the famed all black military unit in the war.
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two time olympian. he died last november at age 99 a rockies special forces rolled into southern to lieu fallujah. counter terrorism troops fought in one neighborhood. the operation to retake the city is expected to be one of the most difficult yet. isis is claiming responsibility for this morning's suicide bombing that killed 15 civilians in the mostly shiite neighborhood in baghdad. 60 others were hurt the attack coincides with another suicide car bombing at a check point north of baghdad that killed 12 people. two israeli battalions are stationed on the west bank. the follow up is after four were gunned down at a
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mall. we have more on what happened and what authorities are doing about it. >> reporter: a security camera has the moment attackers pulled out guns and started shooting. people rang for cover as two men fired at point blank range killing four israelis this cell phone video shows an officer firing on one of the gunmen. police captured another a few blocks away. today the restaurant was back open. this woman says thank god we were alive. no one will eliminate us. this video shows the attackers arriving at the restaurant. the media says they disguised themselves as orthodox jews to carry out the killings. >> israeli authorities say the palestinian gunmen are cousins from the same village in
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west bank. last night was the deadliest attack in eight months wave of violence. tense moments caught on camera in a museum in portland, oregon. a man grabs a woman, puts a knife to her throat, and threatens to kill her. this happened last week. the video was taken by a museum visitor showing 39-year-old amanda berry to get away. right after the video stops, oregon state police shoot and kill 36-year-old nicholas berger. >> berger released the woman seconds before police opened fire. she is going to be fine. temperatures out west are making it harder for crews to battle a fast-moving wildfire. evacuations began wednesday in arizona, northwest of phoenix. the fire quickly spread from
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homes to 500 acres creeping ever so closely to neighborhoods. it's called the tender foot fire. 250 homes are evacuated and shelters are housing people with nowhere tolls go. in new jersey, strong storms rolled across this area. the storms knocked out power to more than 100,000 people. . we have a perfect thursday underway. great day to be outside except if you suffer from grass pollen or mold spores. third day in a row we're looking at tree pollen is high. close to 80 d
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of a breeze at times this evening 70s and 60s. not as chilly tonight. we'll have 50s to about 60. headed to the beach, looking good. tomorrow sunny and 76. 82 saturday. later saturday, saturday night, risk of a thunderstorm. sunday looking hot. upper 80s to near 90. speaking of heat, it's coming. enjoy what we've got. haven't hit 90 in washington this summer. it's going to happen saturday and sunday. here are the mid-40s. 44 towards stafford. 46 winchester this morning. lots of 40s and low 50s in town for lows. now it's beautiful. mid and upper 70s. 72 waldorf. 75 reidville. beautiful day from hagueerstown. in the 50s in the mountains. we're going to whip the camera around, try to give you vertigo or something. 75 degrees. you're looking at
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capital. we happen to catch them while moving. just live tv folks. north northwest at 16, gusting 21. the humidity 38%. that is one of the reasons it feels so good. tomorrow's temperatures about 80-81, where they are today. look at the heat. 90s in the central part of the country, chicago and nashville hotter tomorrow. nashville to 100. chicago 95. excuse me saturday. those are tomorrow's highs. saturday, looking at low 90s with the threat of thunderstorms all thanks to this set up we have. big ridge in the middle of the country. this north westerly flow brings nice weather today and tomorrow. could bring storms our way saturday afternoon. you'll notice the quiet weather. there's the north westerly flow with clouds and showers mainly west of us friday afternoon. isolated stuff west of the blue ridge. saturday in the afternoon, look what develops here. this is why
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yellow weather alert saturday afternoon and evening. could have strong storms. breezy, gorgeous. low 50s in cool spots. 81 tomorrow. showers west of blue ridge. heat saturday, 93. threat for yellow weather alert and the afternoon storms. sunday, hot again, isolated storms, 90. a break on monday, cooler, still nice with a high of 48. we'll see you on the other -- high of
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. that's it for wusa 9 news.
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>> victoria: nick, did you follow me here? >> nick: i'm here because you shouldn't be. >> victoria: what? do you even hear yourself? i'm a grown woman. if i want to dance, i'm going to dance without you glaring at me. >> nick: let's get out of here so we can talk somewhere else. >> victoria: we have nothing to talk about. you're crossing a line. >> travis: who are you, anyway? >> nick: i'm her brother. who the hell are you? [ cellphone rings ] >> luca: hey, summer. where are you? i thought we were meeting for drinks. savannah? when did you -- yeah, of course. if -- if your brother needs help organizing his art show. bu